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Wisigoth's architecture

What's new
  • February 2011: release of version 0.3
    • extension updated so that it is still compatible with the server (the insertion of synonyms has been disabled during 2 weeks with the 0.2 version)
    • some conflicts with other extensions fixed
  • July 2010: release of version 0.2
    • addition of a candidates blacklist system (see the user manual)
    • wikicode checking in the confirmation box
    • addition of the More synonyms button
  • April 2010: release of version 0.1
Known bugs
  • Installation: in early versions, the installation needed Firefox to be stopped and launched again (instead of the automatic restart). This problem may persists with some configurations.
  • The suggestions box may be misplaced in some articles of the French Wiktionary.
  • Wisigoth may conflict with the Delicious extension (and possibly with some other extentions. Please, let us know).
Did you notice any other bug? We would be warmly grateful if you would write us a message at
Please do not forget to mention the address of a page the bug occured in when you describe the problem.

  • Short-term
    • addition of a combo-box to dispatch a candidate in the appropriate section when it is judged irrelevant as a synonym, but relfects another semantic relation.
    • addition of a "random page contribution" to propose a synonymy-deficient page: the Wiktionary's "random entry" feature often leads to languages other than the one of interest and to inflected forms.
  • Mid-term
    • new methods of candidates computation: for instance, by cross-lingual enrichment.
    • taking into account wordsenses when adding a synonym.
    • computing candidates for translations.
See the addon page on mozilla website.