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BaTelÒc is a text base for the Occitan language. It gathers written texts in several genres (novel, poetry, memoir, short-story, fairy-tale, technical text, essay, song, treaty ) from the 19th century until now, including several dialects and several graphic standards.

BaTelÒc can be queried online for free. A search engine allows users to formulate queries and extract contexts of use containing the target expression (word, part of word, sequence of words). Each user can define his own working corpus of texts.

The text base is in continuous quantitative and qualitative development, new texts are frequently added and linguistic annotations are developed and improved). [ Read more... ]

Person in charge
Myriam Bras
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The BaTelÒc text base can be used online for free. The extraction of linguistic data is done in the respect of quotation rights. The texts cannot be dowloaded, nor searched in full text mode.