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Un grande lessico tuttofare dell'Italiano
GLAFF-IT is a free morphophonological Italian lexicon. Each entry includes:
  1. a wordform ;
  2. a tag specifying the main syntactic category and inflectional features, in GRACE format ;
  3. a lemma ;
  4. phonemic transcription(s) in API format.
GLAFF-IT has been extracted from GLAW-IT, a machine-readable dictionary based on Wikizionario, the Italian language edition of Wiktionary. GLAFF-IT has then been enriched, as described in (Calderone et al., 2017), available below.

GLAFF-IT and GLAW-IT are equivalent to the French resources GLAFF and GLAWI repectively, extacted from Wiktionnaire, the French language edition of Wiktionary.

Basilio Calderone, Matteo Pascoli, Franck Sajous, and Nabil Hathout

Person in charge
Basilio Calderone
Contact :

GLAFF-IT is available under a Creative Commons By-SA 3.0 licence (the same licence as Wiktionary, on which it has been grounded).