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LexeurEnglish version
lexicon of French nouns ending in -eur

Lexeur is a lexicon which contains 5974 derivational families of nouns ending in -eur. It has been built in 2002, semi-automatically, from the TLFi word list and Web queries.

Lexeur's entries describe derivational families. They include;:

  • a masculine noun ending in -eur;
  • one or several correponding feminin nouns ending in -euse and -rice;
  • the base lexeme and its grammatical category (verb or noun) when the masculine noun in -eur is a derivative;
  • a list of morphologically related nouns and verbs when (i) the entry is a prefixed nouns and the derivation in -eur is not its last WF process, or when (ii) the entry in -eur is derived from a noun;
  • a list of action nouns morpohologically reated to the noun in -eur;

Lexeur was fully checked by Christelle Lesselingue and Franck Floricic.

CĂ©cile Fabre and Nabil Hathout

Person in charge
Nabil Hathout
Contact :

Lexeur is available under a Creative Commons By-NC-SA 4.0 license.


Lexeur is described in the following article which illustrates its use for the description of French actino nouns:
  • Marine Wauquier, Nabil Hathout, CĂ©cile Fabre. (2020). Semantic discrimination of technicality in French nominalizations. Zeitschrift fĂĽr Wortbildung / Journal of Word Formation, 2020(2):100-121. [ PDF ] [ Bibtex ]