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an ENglish Great Lexicon for Accessing Wiktionary Information
ENGLAWI is an English Machine-Readable Dictionary encoded in XML format. It is a structured and normalized version of Wiktionary.
The dictionary includes:
  • simple words, compounds and multiword expressions
  • inflected forms and lemmas
  • etymologies
  • pronunciations in API
  • definitions (glosses and examples)
  • translations
  • semantic relations
  • morphological relations
  • spelling variations
ENGLAWI is supplied with G-PeTo, a series of Perl Scripts intended to help extract information from the large XML file. Ready-to-use lexicons that have been extracted from ENGLAWI are also provided (see the download section below).

Franck Sajous, Basilio Calderone and Nabil Hathout

Person in charge
Franck Sajous
Contact :

ENGLAWI is available under a Creative Commons By-SA 3.0 license (the same license as Wiktionary, from which it has been extracted).
The GLAWI logo is designed by Darwin.

A description the ENGLAWI structure can be found in the online documentation as well as examples of the dictionary content.

The current version is extracted from Wiktionary's 01/06/2017 dump.
Resources derived from ENGLAWI:
  • DIVAE: DIatopic VAriation of English
  • WIND: Wiktionary INclusion Dates
  • ENGLAFF: an Inflectional Lexicon extracted from ENGLAWI