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FOULOPHONIEVersion française
The lexicon of Francophonie written by the crowds
Foulophonie is a lexicon including 7757 French words used in 148 French-speaking areas or countries. It is extracted from GLAWI, the free machine-readable dictionary based on Wiktionnaire (the French edition of Wiktionary).
An entry of this lexicon contains:
  • a word
  • its part of speech
  • the name of a place (area or country) where the word is used
  • a definition of the word in this place

See also
  • DIVAE is Foulophonie's English equivalent, extracted from Wiktionary
Person in charge
Franck Sajous
Contact :

Some rights are reserved. Foulophonie is available under a Creative Commons By-SA 3.0 license.

Foulophonie is available as a spreadsheet: The lexicon is also browsable as web page (2Mb) :
Foulophonie is extracted from GLAWI, the machine-readable dictionary described in the articles above. Would you use Foulophonie, please cite these papers.
  • Nabil Hathout and Franck Sajous. (2016). Wiktionnaire's Wikicode GLAWIfied: a Workable French Machine-Readable Dictionary. Proceedings of the tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2016), pp. 1369-1376, Portorož, Slovenia. [ PDF ] [ Bibtex ]
  • Franck Sajous and Nabil Hathout. (2015). GLAWI, a free XML-encoded Machine-Readable Dictionary built from the French Wiktionary. Proceedings of the eLex 2015 conference, pp. 405-426, Herstmonceux, England. [ PDF ] [ Bibtex ]

Foulophonie is sorted by place (3rd column), part of speech (2nd column) and by word (1st column):

Sorting by 1st column (word) and by 3rd column (place) enables you to observe words that are used in different places with similar or distinct definitions: