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Syntactic Lexicon for French
TreeLex is a syntactic lexicon for French automatically extracted from a French Treebank. It contains syntactic frames of verbs and adjectives present in the corpus. Every entry consists of a lemma, all syntactic realisations (frames) found in the corpus and its frequency in the Treebank.
  • verbs:
    The lexicon contains 3229 entries corresponding to 1912 verbs (lemmas) present in the corpus. Automatic frame extraction has been based on syntactic annotations present in the Treebank but optional realisations of specific frames have been added manually by Anne Abeillé.
  • adjectives:
    The lexicon contains 2506 entries corresponding to 2166 adjectives (lemmas) present in the corpus. Automatic frame extraction has been guided by a linguistic study of adjectival constructions in order to complete annotations missing in the corpus.

Contact person
Anna Kupść

Some rights are reserved. Treelex is released under Creative Commons By-NC-SA.


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