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MARqueurs de RELations

MAR-REL is a list of French candidate-patterns concerning three relations: hypernymy, meronymy and cause, the precision of which is evaluated on corpora varying in domain and textual genre.

The MAR-REL resource was developed within the project ANR-12-CORD-0020 Contint CRISTAL (Contextes RIches en connaissanceS pour la TrAduction terminoLogique, project manager: Emmanuel Morin), a collaboration between LINA (Laboratoire d'Informatique de Nantes), the CLLE-ERSS Lab (Cognition, Langues, Langage, Ergonomie-Equipe de Recherche en Syntaxe et Sémantique), the Linga et Machina company and the Faculté de Traduction et d'Interprétation de l'Université de Genève.

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Person in charge

Anne Condamines


Luce Lefeuvre (CLLE-ERSS), Kevin Coustot (Lingua et Machina), Anne Condamines (CLLE-ERSS) and Josette Rebeyrolle (CLLE-ERSS).


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