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TreeLex++English version
Syntactico-semantic Lexicon for French
TreeLex++ is a lexical resource based on TreeLex. It contains 1161 single-frame verbs (i.e. verbs with a single syntactic structure) present in TreeLex with human-added aspectual properties. The aspect information follows four major classes: state (ETAT), accomplishment (ACC), achievement (ACH) and activity (ACT), cf. Vendler (1957). It has been assigned by applying linguistic tests to examples extracted from the French Treebank (FTB) for each verb.
Every lexical entry contains the following information:
  • verb lemma
  • aspect
  • type of lexical unit (single or multiword)
  • number of syntactic arguments (syntactic functions, no clitics)
  • whether or not the verb is pronominal (reflexive)
  • general frame (a list of syntactic functions and obligatory clitics)
  • simplified frame (a list of syntactic functions alone)
  • general frame with syntactic realisations (types of phrases)
  • number of examples found in FTB
  • list of examples found in FTB
For the meaning of the functions/types of constituents, you may consult the documentation of the French TreeBank (sections Annotation in constituents and Functional annotation).

  • Anna Kupść
  • Pauline Haas
  • Rafael Marin
  • Antonio Balvet
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Anna Kupść

Some rights are reserved. Treelex++ is released under Creative Commons By-NC-SA 3.0.

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